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Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune!  It really doesn’t.  There are many plans that are under $100 a month, if you are on the younger side.  Even someone in their 40’s can get a plan for just a bit over $100, if you have a good agent.  At Brauer Insurance Services, we sign up people daily that are completely confused with all the choices out there.  Even when you go to OUR website and input your data, about 50 plans come up.  If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can get lost pretty easy.

At Brauer Insurance, our services are FREE.  We have NO fees, and you will pay the same price as “going direct” to the insurance company or E-Health or wherever.  People tell us that when they used E-Health or gone to the insurance company, they end up getting bounced around to different people and never feel like they “had their back”.  We’re a local company and know all of our clients.

Family Health Insurance can range anywhere from $200-$900 a month, depending on your age and what type of coverage you’re looking for.  Individual Health Insurance starts at $55 and goes up to about $400 if you want something super expensive.  With Individual Health Insurance, I usually advise people to go with a certain plan that is about $66-$150 again depending on your age.  The coverage is great and there are NO small print issues.

At Brauer Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance.  Many agencies OFFER it, as one of their lines of insurance.  That is ALL we do, Health Insurance for Families and Businesses.

Health Insurance is a “niche” product.  Meaning, there is a lot to it, in terms of knowledge and experience.  Most people find that agents that try to “do it all” when it comes to various types of insurance, never really become experts at any.  There is just too much to know about Life Insurance, Home, Auto, Health, Commercial, Fire, and the list goes on….When we go to seminars for Health Reform or Health Insurance, you can always spot the agents that “sell it all”.  They are just not in tune with the industry.  Farmers agents and Allstate agents are famous for that.  They try to do Health Insurance as a sideline… just doesn’t work out.

Like I said, the prices are the same, whether you hire an expert or a novice…something to consider.

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