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If you are looking for Health Insurance for yourself, your Family or Business, it does NOT have to cost a fortune!  It really doesn’t.  Health Insurance can be very affordable and easy to obtain, in most cases.  Individual Health Insurance can be as cheap as $65 a month, if you are in your 20’s, and not much more if you are in your 30’s and 40’s.  The only issue you may run in to is that you have to be able to get through the underwriting process.  That means you can be declined for having pre existing conditions that they feel are “risky”.  At Brauer Insurance, we can help you navigate these waters.  We have helped tons of people get through the process successfully!  Using our services are FREE.  We are a NO FEE, Independent, Family owned agency.

Broker commissions are built into the premium, you can “go direct” to the insurance company, the price is the same.  Using us means that you don’t have to talk to some person at an 800 number that doesn’t give a crap about you!  We help families and businesses get affordable Health Insurance.  Some agencies offer Health Insurance….we specialize in it!

At Brauer Insurance Services, Health Insurance is what we do….its all we do!  Health Insurance is a niche market, seriously!  When I started our business, I had the opportunity to do a lot of different insurances.  I decided that instead of doing a bunch of things good, I wanted to become an EXPERT at just ONE thing!  That’s what you get with us.  Both of my daughters are brokers in our agency too….I’m looking to hand the business off to them one day.  Maybe 30 years from now!

If you’re looking for Health Insurance, we are one of the Bay Area’s premier insurance agencies.  Like I said, the prices are the prices, no matter who you purchase from.  Why not let an expert help you!  Brauer Insurance Services is the Health Insurance experts.  We’re located in San Jose, but we have clients all over California, from Truckee to San Diego.  We’re at   (877) 421-4325.

Steve Brauer-President……Brauer Insurance Services LLC, (408) 421-5555.   3150 Almaden Expwy, suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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