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If you are the owner of a company and you offer Employee Benefits to your employees, you’re a pretty good boss.  There is no requirement to offer Employee Benefits.  And if you do, I hope your broker has a “strategy” for not only saving you money, but getting the best bang for the buck.  Strategic Employee Benefits is what we do at Brauer Insurance……its all we do!  I’ve built my business speaking to employers about their benefits, only to find out that the Employee Benefits broker only speaks to them at renewal time!!  Shame on them….did you know that your broker is making between 7-10% from every dollar you spend on your Employee Benefits.  When I’m speaking to the company owner, I always like to tell them, “did you know your broker is making $X a month commission being your broker”, and then I follow with “are they EARNING it??”.

I was actually called one time by a broker who was angry with me.  He told me that he didn’t feel that revealing his commission was ethical.  My response to him…..”I think its unethical NOT to advise people”.  What are you afraid of?  If you’ve earned it, there should be no problem.

The problem lies with the brokers that are used to doing “business as usual”.  The  Employee Benefits landscape is changing.  You can either adapt, become creative, and find solutions for your employer groups, or get out of the way for creative, forward thinking, pro-active brokers!  At Brauer Insurance our Strategic Employee Benefit designs are cutting edge, and guaranteed to save companies money AND not jeopardize their Employee Benefits they currently have.

Employee Benefits should be strategized….PERIOD.  If your broker is not doing that, they should be fired!  There are too many ways to save groups money, and offer them services that they SHOULD be getting, like FREE cobra, EAP programs, HR Compliance Centers, etc…

Lots of agencies offer Employee Benefits….we SPECIALIZE in it!

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