Individual Health Insurance San Jose, CA

Today I talked with an individual who’s husband was going to be retiring from a popular San Jose, CA company and she wanted to look at her health insurance options.  She has had Kaiser Permanente almost her entire life so I quoted her some health insurance with Kaiser.

When applying for insurance, you have to be aware that you do have to go through underwriting.  This means that with a standard health insurance quote, you will answer a bunch of questions on the application and then the health insurance company will make a decision on whether you are a valid risk.  Usually we quote Kaiser, Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield.  Occasionally we will quote a Cigna or Aetna but many times their rates are not competitive with the other carriers.

The lady informed me that she would like to look at other health insurance carriers that are popular in San Jose, CA and so I quoted her a Health Net plan, Blue Shield, and Anthem.  I think she will be happy with the quote supplied.

Almost every day we get a call from an individual or a family who is seeking health insurance.  Occasionally we will get a group or an HR member calling about group health insurance, but mainly it is individuals.  We love serving the San Jose community and the neighboring cities around us as well.  Our main office is in San Jose, but we go all over the Bay Area.

If you have any questions  or would like more information about a health insurance quote or health insurance for individuals, please let us know!  Call our San Jose office today! (408) 421-5555

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