Health Insurance for Husband & Wife Groups

If you have a business with your spouse or domestic partner, you could apply for small group, guaranteed issue benefits!  If you and your spouse own a small business and have all of the paperwork necessary, you could qualify for small group benefits very easily.  We help small business couples all over the Bay Area, focusing mainly on Mountain View, CA, Brentwood, CA, and San Jose, CA.

Group plans are roughly the same as the individual benefits, but they are guaranteed issue.  Guaranteed issue just means that the insurance company has to grant you insurance, even if you have preexisting conditions.  You will need to provide company information such as tax information, and depending on what your company is written as (LLC, Sole Prop, Corporation) then you will need different information.

All types of carriers write husband wife groups, but the easiest health insurance carrier to write with would be Health Net or Kaiser.  They are the best at writing groups of only two people.  One great thing to is that you can put the younger spouse on as primary– this will reduce the amount of premium per month!

Let us know if you live in the Mountain View or San Jose area and are interested in seeing if your husband/wife/domestic partner group qualifies for some health insurance!  Give us a call today. (408) 421-5555

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