Health Insurance for individuals living in Santa Clara

I recently went on a tour of the Santa Clara, CA Kaiser facility and it was great!  Individuals and families looking for health insurance should definitely consider Kaiser as one of your choices.  We offer Kaiser as one of the options here at Brauer Insurance Services, but we also offer Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, and Health Net!

Most people living near a Kaiser, like in Santa Clara, CA, want to have a hospital near them.  Kaiser is great because it has everything there– pharmacy, surgeries, child wellness centers and adult wellness centers!  It’s easy for moms to get everything done at one place instead of having to drive around to different insurance offices.

The individuals and families from Santa Clara, CA that call us for health insurance, normally want to see a wide variety of choices.  We have been selling a lot of the Health Net and Blue Shield plans lately because individuals are looking for cheaper plans with a higher deductible.  If you are living in Santa Clara, CA and go for a health insurance plan that has a low or no deductible, your premium is going to be high.  It is kind of a “pay now or pay later” system.  And the good thing about that is that you may not have to pay later!

Individuals and families from Santa Clara, CA come to us all the time asking for quotes and advice on health insurance matters.  Let us guide you the way we guide them.  We are available every day of the week for a quick health insurance quote.  You don’t even need to talk to anyone.  If you’d like more information on our emails, please see our website for all of that information!  (408) 421-5555


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