Health Insurance tips for individuals and families living in San Jose and Mountain View, CA

Working in the health insurance field every day is a good thing!  You learn a lot about what people need and want from a health carrier and it helps keep the pulse of the certain city you’re in.  In San Jose and Mountain View, CA, lately we have been seeing a lot of people coming off of their COBRA plans.  We have also seen a lot of individuals and families looking for health insurance because they were thinking about getting pregnant and starting a family.

Here are some health insurance tips for individuals looking for a good health insurance plan:
1) Make sure you go with a good, reliable carrier such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net or Kaiser.
2) Make sure you know your deductible amount and your out of pocket maximum.
3) The premiums need to be affordable.

Expanding on the tips:
1) Making sure you go with a reputable carrier is very important.  Health Net has some of the best rates out there right now for younger individuals looking to save a ton of money on their health insurance.  A lot of San Jose and Mountain View families have been calling and wanting to change their plans from expensive Anthem Blue Cross plans to a Health Net plan!  It’s really easy and if you don’t go to the doctor very often, can save you a lot of money per month!
2) Knowing your deductible is huge because a lot of individuals and families have no idea what their health insurance deductibles are!  They get into these plans that have 5-10k deductibles and then they can’t get out of them.  If something major happens, you need to know what your expenses are going to look like.  Good health insurance plans can have higher deductibles, but you want to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for!
3) The monthly premiums need to be affordable for you as a single person or a family!  If your group insurance plan is through the roof, call our office in San Jose, CA and make sure you are getting the best health insurance rate.

Let us help you!  It’s free to have a broker and we work with individuals and families all over San Jose and Mountain View!  (408) 421-5555

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