Healthcare Reform Questions in San Jose and Mountain View, CA

There are many questions floating around now that the Healthcare reform bill was signed for good!  Many individuals from Mountain View and San Jose, CA have been calling our office with questions and emailing with even more.  One of the main things to remember is that nothing will happen immediately.  The majority of the changes are going to come in 2014 when people living in CA are guaranteed to be able to get health insurance.

Up until Healthcare Reform goes through, you can secure your plan before 2014.  If you live in San Jose or Mountain View, here are some things to think about when applying for medical insurance.  Using a broker is completely free and our fees are already built inside of every plan that is ever made.  It doesn’t cost an individual or family any money to have us be their broker.  Anthem, Blue Shield, Kaiser and Health Net are all the same in the way they do commissions so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for our help.

As the times change and Healthcare Reform really starts to take effect, you are going to want a licensed broker in San Jose to help you with your health insurance choices.  There are a lot of changes happening to the plan designs and everyone could use some expertise!  If you live in San Jose or Mountain View, CA and you are an individual or family looking to get health insurance, you have come to the right insurance brokers!

We quote individuals and families almost everyday so give us a call and let us send you some plans to look over!  If you are a healthy individual or have very little health issues, there are definitely cheaper alternatives for you.  Let us quote– it’s free and there’s no obligations! (408) 421-5555

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