SeeChange Employee Benefits, Cigna, almost half the price of most Group Health Plans, San Jose, Bay Area

If you are looking for great HSA health insurance for your employees for almost 50% of what many traditional plans cost….call us!  Brauer Insurance has been recognized by the State of California as an expert in HSA type Health Insurance plans.  We have been certified as an CDHP expert (Consumer Driven Health Plan).  SeeChange insurance has been around for a few years now, they have many types of Health Insurance but their HSA products are fantastic!  NO OTHER INSURANCE COMPANIES CAN TOUCH THEIR PRICES!!  SeeChange “piggybacks” on the Cigna network.  Hospitals in the Silicon Valley include; El Camino Hospital, Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital, Valley Medical, O’Conner, Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Gatos, etc…..

For the SeeChange network….I have not been able to find a physician or hospital that is NOT contracted with them.  The Cigna network is huge.  I’ve been able to move many of my groups that currently have other insurance companies with HSA type to SeeChange…..they’ve ALL been very happy.  SeeChange has a very forward thinking, progressive concept in Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  SeeChange offers a way for members to get “financial incentives” for preventative health “actions”.  These Health Actions include a yearly physical, biometric checking and an online health questionnaire.  SeeChange believes that by catching issues BEFORE they occur, you can treat them.  This helps not only the member……but makes it much less expensive for the medical industry as well.

When you compare Employee Benefit programs and plans, SeeChange is sometimes 50% less than others…..sometimes more.  I have been able to save companies a ton of money by switching them to SeeChange.  HSA plans are NOT all alike.  Some HSA plans are not only expensive, but members have to pay a lot of money AFTER the deductible…..not so with SeeChange.  Their products are very reasonable and they are on the cutting edge of innovation with their Health Actions

At Brauer Insurance we have helped hundreds of companies with their switch to SeeChange…..I have NOT had any complaints from any companies or employees.  This is next generation insuring.

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services……(877) 421-4325

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