Health Insurance for College Students – Nursing School and Police Academy

If you are a college aged student and are looking for health insurance, you have come to the right agency!  Here at Brauer Insurance services we work with college students and students that are in academies all over the Bay Area.  San Jose is the main city.

I went to San Jose State University and I thought it was great!  I needed to get some health insurance while I was still in college because at that time, health insurance ended at age 24.  If you were a part time student, they ended when you turned 18!  I was full time and didn’t need to worry.  Well, nowadays you can be on your parents’ plan (as long as they still want you on there) until you are 26 years old.  Some students do that while others don’t have the option.

If you don’t have that option, please look into some cheap, quality health plans that we can quote for you.  If you are a nursing student at San Jose State, West Valley, DeAnza, or any of the other nursing schools in San Jose, then please let us know how we can help you!  You need health insurance to be able to enter the program.  The same goes for future police officers who are trying to apply for the academy.  In order to get into the police academy in California, you have to have health insurance.

There are some very cheap health plans out there right now in the health insurance market.  A lot of people are buying from Health Net and Blue Shield.  Those plans are great, and inexpensive.  Best part is, too, that if you  have to end up paying a lot for insurance plans when you get hired, you can always stay on the individual plan you get on when you sign up through us!

Call us today and ask about a free quote!  All of our services are free!

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