Individual and Family Health Insurance in Mountain View, CA

Many large companies are located in Mountain View, CA– Google being one of them.  When I think about how Google just acquired my friend’s company, Wildfire, I can’t begin to imagine the kind of amazing insurance deals that go on between Google and whoever they are currently insured with.

If you live in Mountain View, CA anddon’thave the privilege of working at Google (like many, many others) I would ask you to look into some individual or family plans.  These plans are going to be the cheapest out there– they can even be more affordable than the group plans.  You can be on a group plan at the same time you apply for an individual plan, so why not give it a try!

Maybe you’re thinking, “I live in Mountain View, CA, and I’m in my twenties or thirties, but I don’t know if I’ll qualify for a plan.  I don’t want to get denied and then never be able to get insurance again.”  This is a common question and problem amongst many individuals and families.  One thing I can say about that is that you can always apply to numerous health insurance carriers like Kaiser, Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield at the same time!  Then if you get accepted to one, you can cancel the others.

If you’re worried about getting denied and then being doomed the rest of your life, you shouldn’t worry about that.  There’s a plan called PCIP (Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Plan) and chances are, you could qualify for that.  Or if you are just coming off of COBRA (state or Federal), you could qualify for a HIPAA plan (guaranteed issue, but at a higher price).  Let’s say your company just went out of business and now you have no offer of COBRA at all– you are immediately HIPAA eligible and could apply for a plan immediately.

If you’re an individual living in Mountain View, CA looking for a health insurance plan for yourself or a loved one, give us a call.  We could help you find the individual medical insurance you are looking for. (408) 421-5555

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