College Health Insurance in San Jose

If you are a college aged student looking to get some health insurance, you have come to the right brokerage.  We specialize in helping  young people find plans that would suit their needs.

I graduated from San Jose State University in 2009.  I was kicked off of my parents’ plan (before healthcare reform kicked in) and had to find insurance on my own.  I was glad that at that time, my dad Steve was a broker and he helped me through figuring out which plans would be good for me.  We talked about all sorts of plans that went well with living in San Jose.  We eventually signed me up on Anthem Blue Cross TONIK plan.  Those plans are not what they used to be, but they were a great plan when I needed to find a doctor who was local in San Jose.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, comprehensive healthcare plan, then please let us know!  We quote for free, help for free– do everything completely FREE!  It’s a great service to let go wasted! If you go direct to Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield or Health Net, you are paying for a broker, but not getting the benefit of one.

We have helped numerous clients who are attending the police academy and need health insurance in San Jose.  We have also helped future nurses find health insurance that they needed to get through the nursing program!  So many programs in San Jose require you to have health insurance if you are going to work for them.  I hope that you choose us to help you wade through the waters!

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