Affordable SeeChange Health Insurance plans, San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View, CA

SeeChange (Cigna) Health Plans have one of the most innovative and progressive structures to their health plans available.  Their prices are phenominal as well….right now, they can’t be beat, in terms of their PPO-HSA product.

Brauer Insurance personnel are experts when it comes to HSA type Health Plans.  We’ve been certified by the State of CA for Consumer Driven Health Plans, which is a fancy name for HSA type insurance.

SeeChange is a relatively new company.  They started back in 2009 and rolled out their first plans in the Monterey area!  SeeChange “piggybacks” on the Cigna network for their doctors, hospitals and clinics.  I’ve switched many of my employer groups to SeeChange for those progressive employers that were willing to think a bit “out of the box” in terms of how their plan was administered.  SeeChange Health Insurance gives “credits” and actually lowers your monetary risk each year for employees that agree to do yearly preventative checks…..heck, they even send out a clinician to the jobsite FREE to administer the tests so the employees never have to leave work to get yearly checks done!  This type of innovation is UNHEARD OF in the health insurance world.

I’m a former Police Sergeant with Santa Clara PD.  This is my second career.  I began my insurance career in 2003 when I was injured on the job.  I came to learn very quickly that insurance, especially Health Insurance is a “necessary evil”.  SeeChange Health Insurance, honestly, is a breathe of fresh air.  They are REALLY trying to help people that they insure.  Preventative medicine just makes sense.  They truly believe in the concept.

Being former Law Enforcement, to say I’m skeptical is a huge understatement.  I’m impressed with SeeChange Health Insurance.  Enough said about that.

Brauer Insurance is an Independent, NO FEE, Family owned and operated agency.  The agency mostly consists of myself and my daughters in the office.

Some agencies offer Health Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in it!!

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