Health Insurance Options in San Jose, CA PPO – HMO – HSA

In San Jose, CA we are lucky to have the best of many worlds.  We have the best weather, the best sports teams (Go Sharks!) and the best health care available.  If you are looking for health insurance in San Jose, CA and can’t figure out a good carrier to go with, consult us!

Brokers are free.  Our fees are already added into the plans whether you use one or not– use one!  Find a good broker and take advantage of their free services.  We offer tons of free services for our employer groups and also to our individual clients.

If you are researching where to get your health insurance and are having some problems, contact us.  There are a lot of plans out there and it really helps to have a broker help you navigate through them.  Honestly, most of the carriers (like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser, etc) have a very upfront description of each health plan, however there are little things that we know that you might not know.

The PPO plans are great because you don’t have to go to a primary care physician in order to go to a specialist.  The HMO plans aren’t like that.  With an HMO, you have to go to your primary care physician to authorize any use of a specialist (with the exception of a OB/GYN).  HMO’s are generally more expensive in the individual side of things, unless you have Kaiser.  The Health Net HMO 50 plan is very, very popular right now.  They are going like crazy because they have no deductible– can’t beat that this day and age!

Let us know if you have any questions about any of the plans.  We can help with all sorts of plans!  If you have questions about your health care or your health insurance, let us know.  We work with individuals, groups and families! If your company has a health plan and you want to double check your rates and your benefits, let us know.  We would love to help you.

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