Health Insurance San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, CA

Health Insurance and Employee Benefits should NOT cost you a fortune!  They don’t have to…..seriously!

When you have a broker that SPECIALIZES in Health Insurance, they know the landscape and how to strategize your insurance to maximize what you have for what you pay.  Health Insurance in San Jose CAN be very affordable for Families and Businesses.  Brauer Insurance has an actual strategy that we can show you on paper that will not only save you money, but usually get you BETTER benefits for your company.

We have plans for as little as $60 a month for someone in their 20’s.  I talk to people constantly that are paying WAY more than they have to.  And sadly, in most cases the coverage they have is NOT that good.  People tend to forget about things like their Out of Pocket maximum, or yearly risk.  Many times they focus on the copays for office visits and things like that and overlook the OVERALL picture of what their risk is vs. what they pay each month.

We have one plan through HealthNet that makes sense for most people.  It’s super affordable, comprehensive and fits with most families.  What’s the price you ask……under $100 a month for youngsters, and not much more for people in their 40’s and 50’s.

There are times I run across someone who comes to me and wants me to help them save some money on their plan.  After reviewing it, I find that they have a great plan at a great price…..I tell those people to “stay where they are, it’s obvious your broker knows what they are doing!

Health Insurance is WHAT we do….it’s ALL WE DO.  If you had a specific and serious medical condition, would you want to see a Specialist or a General Practitioner?…..Now what if I told you that they both offered FREE services??  That’s a great analogy to what we do.

Our services are free, we are an Independent, No Fee, Family owned insurance agency that SPECIALIZES in Health Insurance for Individuals, Families and Small Businesses.

Steve Brauer-president, Brauer Insurance Services LLC-(408) 421-5555

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