Individual and Family Plans Under Healthcare Reform

Many clients have been wondering about what will happen when healthcare reform kicks in.  One of the best things to do is to get situated with an individual or family plan now.  Don’t wait until 2014 to get your individual health insurance plan– act now!

There has been talk about leaving the standard health insurance industry (like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser) alone when the exchange comes in to California.  We are located in San Jose, CA and have a lot of insight on the California specific changes that are to be made.

Basically, California is completely ahead of the game; we are hitting all of our targeted goals as far as getting prepared for what is to come.  There are going to be a lot of people enrolling in plans that we are hopefully going to be able to assist you with.  Employers are going to be really under the gun with a lot of these changes, however, if they already have a plan in place, we shouldn’t really worry about them at all.

The changes for individual are going to be drastic.  The government is going to be forming an exchange in California where people can sign up for guaranteed coverage with or without assistance (depending) and be covered.  The point of the exchange is to help drive down cost of the other standard insurance you see through Kaiser, Blue Shield or Anthem.  The fact that people are going to be able to get guaranteed coverage is such a great thing!  We have been asking for guaranteed issue plans for a long time in California.

All individuals and families who need support with their decisions in healthcare, please give us a call!  We have been to countless seminars, trainings, and meetings on all of this information.  We don’t know everything, but we know the kinds of people who do know it all and we ask!

Let us help you figure out your roll as an individual or family in this changing healthcare market.

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