Individual Health Insurance in San Jose, CA

We had a client call up this last week asking for individual insurance for herself through a reputable carrier.  Here at Brauer Insurance Services, we like to make sure we represent all carriers that we feel are worthy of acknowledgement.  Sometimes popular carriers such as Anthem Blue Cross or Cigna have great plans for large companies with lots of employees, but so many individuals and small families living in the San Jose area can’t afford the plans that they currently offer.

When individuals call up, we assess their needs and make sure they are quoted the plans that would be more desirable to them.  We ask numerous questions like, “have you ever had Kaiser before?”  or “Are you interested in a PPO plan?”  Most people living in the San Jose area will either want Kaiser, or a PPO plan.  Very rarely are people purchasing HMO plans from Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield because of their high cost.  Health Net currently has an HMO 50 plan out that is pretty popular and lots of clients are wanting to look at that, but other than that plan, the HMO’s outside of Kaiser in San Jose are not too popular.

Every week, our agents sit down and make sure they are all on the same page.  We like to make sure we’re going over the right plans and not overlooking a plan that could be beneficial to our clients.  Brauer Insurance was started in San Jose and we don’t plan on taking it anywhere else; we love it here!

If you are an individual or have a family that is need of some health insurance or maybe you just want to look over your options, let us know!  So many times people just stay where they are because they are afraid to move.  Don’t get stuck in that percentage—make the decision to look into better, more affordable benefits for you and your family.  The process doesn’t need to be difficult and we make it kind of fun along the way!

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