SeeChange Health Insurance, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, CA

You have probably never heard of SeeChange Health insurance, unless you’re a Health Insurance agent.  Brauer Insurance is a TOP PRODUCER for SeeChange Health Insurance in the Bay Area….why?  Because with our unique Employee Benefits strategy, SeeChange works very well.  SeeChange actually piggybacks the Cigna GWH network which is HUGE in California.  Some of the plans that SeeChange offers are very affordable for Small Group Employers and even Large Group too.  Their high deductible plans with an HSA option are some of the best in the industry right now.  The deductibles are not outrageous AND the pricing is very good….way better than ANY other comparable type plan with Anthem, Blue Shield, HealthNet or even Kaiser.

I was a bit skeptical when SeeChange came out a few years ago.  I refused to show my clients the plans, for fear of them being a “flash in the pan”.  We’ve had other Health Insurance companies that had great products at fantastic prices in the past.  They were great until they closed up shop.  Not so with SeeChange.  They have strong backing, they have a very robust network AND they have a very different approach to Health Care.  They are the ONLY company that rewards members for getting yearly checkups and biometric checks.  SeeChange will even send a clinician out to the company for FREE and perform the confidential yearly checks for the members AT NO COST TO THE MEMBER.   They realize the value in helping people catch issues on the “front end” so it can be addressed early.

Other Health Insurance companies are reeling too….they are losing business by the droves because of the pricing of SeeChange and their innovative approach to Healthcare.  I’ve met the CEO and others at the company and I am impressed.  Being a former Police Sergeant with a Bay Area Police Department, I’m skeptical by nature and not impressed easy.  They seem to be good people, with some creative ideas and approaches.  I like to think we have the same mindset, with our Benefits Strategy… I felt a connection with them from the beginning.

I’ve moved a ton of my groups over and enrolling even more business by the month.  Call me and I can explain SeeChange’s approach and even ours, if you would like to hear it!

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC.  (408) 421-5555

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