Confused about ObamaCare, San Jose, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, CA

If you are an employer and confused about ObamaCare and how it will impact your If you are an employer and confused about ObamaCare and how it will impact your business, you’re not alone. Almost 80% of business owners and C-level executives are either confused or misinformed about the affects. A staggering 60% of Insurance Agents that were surveyed were either incorrect, confused, or not interested in ObamaCare, which is the largest piece of healthcare legislation in the last 50 years. All the more reason small and large employers are seeking the advice of Independent Brokers that SPECIALIZE in Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for businesses.

At Brauer Insurance, we’ve built our business on BEING the expert when it comes to Health Insurance and the confusion about ObamaCare in San Jose, San Francisco, and all around California. I learned a long time ago, you cannot be an expert at everything….there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to absorb all of the material and practice it day in, and day out, to become proficient. We decided that we would refer out all other insurance business and focus solely on Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for small and medium size companies with 2-500 employees.

This is my second career…I spent 25 years with a local police department. When I began my insurance career, I did not want to work 80 hours a week and try to be all things to all people….I picked Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for companies. I immersed myself in it, surrounded myself with people that I trusted and were very knowledgable, and became an expert in the field. I’m not good at many things…but I AM good at Obamacare, Health Insurance and Employee Benefits. Let my daughters, and my son now, help you and your company with the confusion about ObamaCare. If you are confused about ObamaCare, we are the experts and can help you with every step of the way…Oh, yeah, our services are free too!!

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC….(408) 421-5555

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