Health Insurance San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, CA

If you’re a business owner, or just looking for Health Insurance in San Jose for your family, affordability is key. Health Insurance is confusing and expensive….VERY expensive, why not get the most for your money. Independent Brokers can strategize Health Insurance plans and not break your bank account. There IS a strategy to this…I’ll give you an example: Lets say the difference between an expensive plan and cheaper plan is $500 a month (not uncommon by the way!). If you take the savings over a year’s period, that would be $6000. If the cheaper plan has a deductible of $4500, you’ve already saved MORE than your deductible on the cheaper plan….folks, at the end of the day, it’s a math problem.

Now, lets say that you are a business owner looking for Health Insurance in San Jose or Santa Clara and you have an expensive plan. Multiply the savings I just described by all of your employees and you see the savings! This is just ONE strategy that MOST agents either don’t use, don’t know about, or frankly don’t understand. Especially if they are not specialists in Health Insurance for Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara. I get weird looks when I use this analogy, but here goes: Let’s say you have a heart condition. Would you go to a General Practitioner or a Specialist??….Exactly. That’s my point. If you are looking for Health Insurance in San Jose, our services are free, whether you use Brauer Insurance or any broker. YOU get to choose who you want to do business with.

Health Insurance in San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View or ANY California city does NOT have to cost you a fortune…it really doesn’t!! Brauer Insurance is on the cutting edge of Health Insurance strategies, ObamaCare Health Reform and anything related to Health Insurance in San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View.

Brauer Insurance is a TRUE family owned and operated agency. My wife and kids are all brokers and makeup some of the agents in our office. My background as a Detective Sergeant with a Bay Area Police Dept makes me a little more tenacious about helping my clients and getting what I want with insurance companies. Oh yeah….we were voted as one of the top 1000 insurance companies in the country.

ObamaCare is an important issue nowadays too….I was on Channel 5 KPIX this week being interviewed in our office about ObamaCare as it relates to the new laws on breastfeeding and related topics. I looked like I was 100 years old….but my family was proud of me.

Everybody….Health Insurance in San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View does NOT have to cost you a fortune. It’s expensive, no doubt about it, but it why spend more than you have to?? WE CAN HELP YOU…we’re specialists!

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