Health Insurance for Pre-Existing conditions, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, CA

FINALLY there is help for people that have pre-existing conditions who are looking for Health Insurance for Pre-Existing conditions. The help will come in October 2013…2 short months away, for enrollment beginning January 2014. Part of the ObamaCare legislation allows for people with pre-existing conditions to obtain Health Insurance on a guarantee issue basis…AND pay the same as someone without any medical issues!!

ALL brokers and agents have wanted this for quite some time. Health Insurance for Pre-Existing condtions, up until now, has been a nightmare for people. I am an Independent agent and I have folks CONSTANTLY coming into our office, or calling me and needing help with coverage. Now we CAN help them!

Because Brauer Insurance ONLY does insurance related to Health Insurance, we are on the cutting edge of the ObamaCare Health Reform. I have seen some preliminary pricing for the plans in January and moving forward….they are not really that bad…not great, but not bad. Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance used to be ridiculously expensive…to the point that I was embarrassed to even suggest it to people.

Beginning in January, Health Insurance for Pre-Existing conditions will not only be available, but there may be government subsidies to help pay for it. The subsidies are only available through the Health Insurance Exchange and we can help you with that too. Brauer Insurance is appointed and licensed with the State and can assist people with ObamaCare plans at the SAME COST as going direct to the website Health Insurance Exchange. Health Insurance for Pre-Existing conditions pricing is set up by the State of CA. The commissions are embedded in the price….if you go direct, they keep the commission and you have to deal with an 800 number to help resolve any issues. If you use an Independent Agent, they work for YOU….not the insurance company.

Health Insurance for Pre-Existing conditions will FINALLY be available…let the experts help you. We are a family owned, Independent, NO FEE, agency specializing in Health Insurance plans and Health Insurance plans for people with pre-existing conditions.

Steve Brauer-Principal/Broker, Brauer Insurance Services LLC….(877) 421-4325…

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