Health Insurance, San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, CA

Health Insurance in San Jose is expensive….but it shouldn’t cost you a fortune! We are the Bay Area’s Health Insurance specialists in San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell. Some agencies offer Health Insurance….we SPECIALIZE in it!

Health Insurance is a niche product and a VERY dysfunctional industry. There are almost 150 Health Insurance plans out there from 9 different carriers, but only about 15 plans that most people feel are affordable and comprehensive. It’s easy to get lost with all the comparisons, let the experts help you…..our services are FREE, why not let us help? Health Insurance is also a “necessary evil”. You probably never heard that from a sales guy before, but it’s true! If you have any tangible assets and you are not covered in some capacity…you should really rethink that strategy. 65% of the bankruptcies in America are from not having Health Insurance. Plans are NOT that expensive. Health Insurance in San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos will be issues even if you have PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS starting in October. We can finally help the people that WANT to buy insurance but keep getting denied. Health Insurance in San Jose can be affordable AND comprehensive. If you are in your 20’s, Brauer Insurance can get you a plan for under $150 a month…and not a crappy plan, a good Blue Cross, HealthNet, Cigna plan.

Health Insurance can be confusing….it’s not rocket science, really, but it IS confusing. There are a lot of “gotcha’s” if you don’t know what you’re looking at. My advice is to find an Independent Agent that “specializes” in Health Insurance, and let them advise you. Like I said, our services are FREE. The broker’s commission is built into the price of the plan. If you go direct to the insurance company, they KEEP the broker’s commission. People usually want Independent representation from a knowledgeable broker.

This is my second career….I’m a retired Santa Clara Police Detective that started our agency in 2003. My whole family works here now and some others that are LIKE family. I promise to help you with your Health Insurance in San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell and anywhere in CA.

Steve Brauer-Principal/Broker, Brauer Insurance Services LLC. (408) 421-5555

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