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Most people that I run across are not clear on exactly what the “Individual Mandate” actually means and how ObamaCare compliance comes into play. There are two parts to the ObamaCare compliance….one involves employers of 50 or more full time employees and the requirement to provide them with “affordable” coverage. The other speaks to “individuals” that are required by law, to obtain insurance for them and their families, either through work or on the open market. Brauer Insurance can help in both scenarios. We provide a wide range of affordable Health Insurance plans that are ObamaCare compliant on both the Individual market as well as for Employer Groups.

The Individual Mandate talks about a yearly fine if someone does not comply with ObamaCare. The first year fine is $95 and rises sharply in year 2 and going forward. At this time we are unsure of what the pricing will be for Individuals and Families, and there are many schools of thoughts on this. We should have pricing about mid-summer they are telling us.

The ObamaCare Individual Mandate Health Insurance talks about “Essential Benefits” being in all of the plans. These essential benefits are in addition to other benefits as well. The pricing will be according to how well each of the plans cover all of these benefits. The “bronze” plan will cover approx. 60% of these essential benefits, while the “silver” plan covers 70%, and then Gold and Platinum (80% and 90%). There will be some lower cost plans for people in their 20’s that are sometimes referred to as “catastrophic” plans. These plans will have a higher deductible than most plans, and according to what they are saying, will be much more affordable, so that younger people will be encouraged to purchase, as part of the Individual Mandate and ObamaCare compliance legislation.

This stuff is confusing….it really is. We are ALL in the same boat, in terms of having to deal with it. Like it or not, ObamaCare and the Individual Mandate is the law of the land. Brauer Insurance can help you through it. We will be licensed to provide insurance through the Health Insurance Exchange or Marketplace, to help clients.

We ARE the specialists when it comes to Health Insurance. We are one of the TOP Health Insurance agencies in the Bay Area and we’ve been voted one of the top 1000 Insurance agencies in the USA for 2012. Let MY family help yours! We are a family owned and operated, Independent, no fee agency that ONLY helps people with Health Insurance. Our tagline is “Some agencies offer Health Insurance….we specialize in it!”

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