Confusion about ObamaCare, having your plan cancelled, San Jose, making sense of it all

There is a lot of confusion about ObamaCare and the cancelling of plans

All of the people that received a cancellation notice from their Health Insurance company had a glimmer of hope a few weeks ago when it was announced that they may be able to keep their plan throughout 2014…..then the administration of the CA Health Exchange, Covered CA decided that it was not in the public’s best interest to have them keep their plan and “ease” into the whole ObamaCare thing.  Not their finest moment in my opinion.  People have confusion about ObamaCare…it’s that simple.  Even agents that don’t specialize in Health Insurance are completely confused about it.  I know, because they call our office constantly asking questions and trying to figure it all out for their clients.  I even had an agent call me the other day and try to disguise their voice, asking questions like a confused consumer….pretty funny.

Consumers need a Health Insurance agent they can trust, a specialist.

When I got into the Health Insurance industry, it was way before I knew it was going to implode like this.  Mind you, I’m not complaining, but it is considerably harder than it was 11 years ago.  I really don’t know how agents that don’t specialize in Health Insurance do it.  There is so much information to absorb, and it is changing constantly.  What many people don’t know is that when you pay your monthly health insurance premium, the broker’s commission is built into it, whether you use a General Practitioner or a Specialist, it’s the same price.  Most people opt for a specialist, but it’s a personal choice.

People need to be proactive about their insurance, it’s that simple

The days are gone where people just accept their Health Insurance premiums and all the increases.  These are scary times for our nation and it’s healthcare delivery system.  People need to become involved and knowledgeable about their situation which means finding a Health Insurance consultant that you trust.  Do your homework, make sure that the consultant that you hire knows what the hell they’re doing!  Brauer Insurance is at the top of their game, we are recognized as one of the industry leaders in Health Insurance for Families, Individuals and Busines

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