Businesses that are able to keep their current plan for another year, San Jose, CA

If you did the early renewal for your Small Business Health Plan last year, the governor just signed it into law that you will be able to keep your Health Plan for the 2015 year.  This just occurred yesterday.  Companies that are scheduled to renew their plans between September through December 2014 will be given a one year extension, even though they may not be ACA compliant, or compliant with ObamaCare.  The reasoning behind this is because there have been so many changes with the Affordable Care Act and so many issues surrounding it, the powers to be have decided to relax requirements a bit.  They did the same thing with the larger employer groups with 50-100 employees.  Those employers have been given a one year extension to provide Health Insurance for their employees under ObamaCare.  Small Group Health Plans for larger employers with between 50-99 employees have a one year reprieve.

Larger employers between 50-99 employees have been given a one year extension for Group Health Plans

If you are one of the lucky employers that have between 50-99 employees, you have another year to become compliant with the Affordable Care Act and the mandated coverage for Group Health Plans that you would have been required to supply to your employees.  That will not have to happen now until January 2016.  Don’t kid yourself, its coming, just not for another 12 months.  Business Health Plans are the second largest expense for employers, right below wages.  There are some ways to mitigate some of the costs, if you’re willing to be creative and strategic.  Our advice is to find a broker that specializes in just Health Insurance.

Brokers that specialize in Health Insurance is a definite benefit to employers, the cost is the same

When you bring on a specialist, its always better than going with a Generalist.  If you have a specific medical problem, you usually seek out a specialist if you want good advice.  Same goes for Group Health Insurance or Health Insurance in general.  If you get your Group Health Insurance from an Allstate or Farmers agent, you are missing out.  There is no way these folks can be experts at everything.  Home, Life, Auto, Disability, Fire, AND Health Insurance.  I think not.  Health Insurance is just too specialized of a field.  Period.  If its not Brauer Insurance, then find another agency that is recognized as a Bay Area leader and expert on ObamaCare.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you’re compliant when and if the Dept of Labor comes knocking on your door and wants to see all the compliance paperwork the ACA requires.

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