Health Insurance mandates and compliance issues with the Affordable Care Act, San Jose, San Francisco, CA

Most employers are not even aware they are not compliant with the ObamaCare laws and the ACA, Affordable Care Act.  The compliance issues are basically paperwork that each employer, no matter how small they are, MUST have on hand if you offer a Health Plan or Group Health Plan.  Our clients get a handy binder that has all of the paperwork enclosed in case the employer is challenged.  Most brokers don’t even know about this paperwork, especially the ones that do not specialize in Health Insurance for Group Plans.

Insurance brokers that specialize in Health Insurance or Group Health have an expertise that others don’t

When you have an insurance broker that is a “jack of all trades”, meaning they sell many lines of insurance, you do not get the expertise that a Group Health Insurance agent has.  The Health Insurance industry is dysfunctional, to say the least.  Why not have an expert that knows how to navigate.  Our services are free, so why not have a specialist.  I use this analogy; if your parent had a heart issue, would you see a General Practitioner or a Specialist?  Now what if their services were free?  Kind of a no-brainer, huh.

Having a specialist that offers HR services and other added value benefits

Some Health Insurance brokers that specialize in Group Health Plans offer services such as HR Attorneys on staff, online benefits management, Federal Cobra Administration, and more.  These services help Group Health Insurance brokers distinguish themselves from others that do Health Insurance part time.  Having these types of services are a real benefit for our clients.  If they have an HR question or issue, it can be resolved easily and in-house, saving the company money and liability exposure.  Some agencies will charge for some of these types of added value services, some don’t.  At Brauer Insurance, we just feel that giving something back to our clients is a good thing.  We make a good living, why not share a bit of it.

If you are looking to bring on a Group Health Plan or Employee Benefits for your company, give us a call.  Brauer Insurance is a family owned and operated company, its myself, my wife and two of our adult children that focus exclusively on Health Insurance.

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