Business Health Insurance Milpitas

While finding business health insurance in Milpitas that meets your business’s needs can be challenging, here at Brauer Insurance, we don’t just offer health insurance, we specialize in it. We also understand the changes that are coming with the affordable care act, and we can help you navigate the maze, so that you find the right health insurance for your employees, at the right price.

Business Health Insurance Milpitas – Free Services

For Businesses in Milpitas we offer a wide range FREE Services that most other brokers either don’t have, or charge a fee for:

  • COBRA Administration
  • Comprehensive HR Support Center with Compliance and HR questions answered by a legal professional
  • Yearly Personalized Benefit Statement for employees (groups over 20)
  • Online Benefits Access 24/7
  • Comprehensive (EAP) Employee Assistance Program

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Need Business Health Insurance in Milpitas? – Why Companies Choose Brauer

With ObamaCare and the Affordable Care Act, employers in Milpitas must conform to the new mandates, no matter how many employees they have. At Brauer Insurance, we not only teach ObamaCare to other agents that don’t specialize in Health Insurance, we are State Certified in Health Reform. We are recognized as a Health Insurance leader in the Bay Area and have been interviewed on television and radio for our expertise.

Business Health Insurance Milpitas – Popular Plans

Business Health Plans are usually structured in one of several ways:

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) PPO insurance is typically less expensive than HMO insurance, and gives employees the freedom to choose their own doctor.
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)  HMO copays are usually lower but the monthly cost is usually much higher. HMOs restricts members to HMO doctors and hospitals only, except for emergency services. Kaiser is one of the more popular HMO type platforms.
  • HSA (Health Savings Account) HSAs are usually PPO type plans with an HSA component attached. The HSA part is a tax free savings account, sometimes referred to as a “medical IRA” which can be funded by the company, the employee themselves, or another individual. Contributions are limited to $3250 for singles and $6450 for families. Money not used by the end of the year “rolls over” year to year with no limits. This tax free money can be used for  Dental expenses, Vision, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Orthodontics, prescribed medications, etc.
  • HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) HRAs are similar to HSAs. When an employee has a medical expense, they are “reimbursed” by the employer. HRA Health Plans are flexible with a benefit structure that can be tailored to the needs of each company. The pricing of HRAs vary widely.