Covered California

Covered California San Jose, CA.

Covered California…What Is It?

Covered California is the Health Exchange or “Marketplace” in California that was mandated by ObamaCare. It allows Individuals, Families and Small Businesses to purchase Health Insurance through a “portal” or website and have the ability to choose from a variety of insurance companies and 4 levels of “metal” benefits.

The Covered California site has the look and feel of the popular TRAVELOCITY site people use for comparing travel. What’s important to remember….certain brokers have been chosen to assist and sell plans within Covered California at no cost to consumers.
Brauer Insurance is one of those chosen agencies.

Why Use an Independent Broker with Covered California?

There are 3 ways to use the Covered California site:

    1. You can try to compare and shop the variety of plans and insurance companies on your own.
    2. You can use one of the Covered California non-licensed “assisters” to help you go through the options.
    3. You can use a licensed Independent Insurance broker to advise you on options and strategies.

The pricing is the same, no matter which option you choose.

What Type of Health Insurance Plans Are Available?

To put it simply, there are 4 levels of coverage. The levels of coverage are labeled with different “metal names” so people can choose different levels of coverage and the pricing associated. The metal names are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Bronze plans being the least expensive and the Platinums being more expensive with the best coverage.

How Covered California Benefits You

The main benefit of purchasing through Covered California is if someone may be eligible for a government subsidy to help pay for part of the insurance premium. The subsidy could be minimal or quite substantial depending on the person or the family’s household income. Licensed brokers from Brauer Insurance are experts at Health Insurance and related products. The ONLY thing we do…is Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

Don’t be Fooled by People Pretending to be Health Insurance Experts

There is a huge media blitz going on with COVERED CALIFORNIA. Like most new things, there will be people that will try to take advantage of confused people. Whether you work with Brauer Insurance or not, make sure you’re dealing with LICENSED INDEPENDENT AGENTS that specialize in Health Insurance. Our services are free….utilize the expertise of a specialist, not a general practitioner!

Brauer Insurance is a Health Reform Certified agency with years of experience in the Health Insurance arena.