Employee Benefits San Francisco, CA

At Braur Insurance, we are happy to offer personalized employee benefit programs for companies across the San Francisco, CA region. We will help you attract and maintain great employees by offering investment and 401K plans, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and disability benefits. We will work with you to determine a plan that is right for your specific company, as well as an affordable cost. With Braur Insurance you’ve finally found the agency that recognizes the specific needs of your company.

Proven Strategy to Maximize Employee Benefits:

One of our main specialty is our Group Health Insurance plan. This plan allows for employees to insure their deductibles, therefore providing well-priced coverage on a broader scale. We have the testimonials to prove that San Francisco companies love the Group Insurance plan.

Group Health Plans for San Francisco Clients

We offer a wide range of group health plans for businesses. We have PPOs for employees who wish to retain or choose their own specialists. We have HMOs with lower copays and higher monthly rates for employees who plan on multiple doctor visits. We have HSAs for employees who wish to create tax free savings accounts to be used for medical purposes and HRAs for reimbursing health plans. When it comes to San Francisco businesses, we offer an incredible range of different plans that are sure to keep employees happy.

Other Employee Benefits

At Braur Insurance we also offer a wide range of other employee benefits. We have affordable group dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. We also have a wide range of retirement plans including 401Ks that your employees will love. Retaining employees is about offering great benefits, and with Braur Insurance you’ll have all the benefits you need.

Braur Insurance is a family run business with an expertise in risk management. We truly care about our clients and will work with each to make sure we’re providing the best benefits for their company. This is what makes us the most trusted benefits provider in the San Francisco area.