Group Health Insurance Oakland, CA

Save on Group Health Insurance in Oakland

Brauer Insurance Services is here to tell you that attracting good employees and hanging onto them should NOT be an impossible budget dream. We will work with your Oakland company to find and customize a group health insurance plan that will meet the needs of you and your team. As a family owned company, we want to get to know you personally. We will start by providing you with a free analysis that will help us get to know you and your goals. Just contact one of our insurance experts for more information.

In Oakland, our group health insurance is one of if the THE most popular employee benefit plans offered. Our plan controls costs by allowing the employee to basically “insure” their deductibles, which means they will get quality insurance at lower cost. Some of the company’s we have helped in the region have volunteered testimonials describing how they are now saving hundreds of dollars a month, thanks to our help. We’d be happy to show you their comments.

Group Health Insurance Plans in Oakland

    • HMO – The Health Maintenance Organization generally have lower co-pays, although monthly costs can be higher.
    • HSA – Health Savings Accounts have a tax free savings account that covers medical expenses attached to PPO-type instruments.
    • PPO – The Preferred Provider Organization is a favorite of employees who want the freedom to pick their own physician.
    • HRA – The employer reimburses medical expenses under a Health Reimbursement Arrangement plan.

Also popular and getting more attention from employers searching for company-sponsored benefits are group dental and vision insurance.

Personalized Health Insurance by Family-Run Brauer Insurance

Whether you are insuring a family or are working on a benefits package for your employees, we at Brauer Insurance Services will provide you with personalized service to give you the best insurance fit. We are a family owned company and so take a personal interest in all our clients. We have gained a reputation for our success at risk management, so you can be sure you are dealing with Oakland’s most professional insurance staff. Contact us for all your insurance needs. In addition to our group health insurance expertise, we also can develop prudent solutions for other employee benefits or even commercial insurance.