Group Health Insurance Sunnyvale, CA

Save with Group Health Insurance in Sunnyvale

At Brauer Insurance Services, you can be sure that group health insurance for your employees will NOT cost you an arm and a leg. It doesn’t have to stretch your budget to attract and retain quality people. We are a family owned and operated business and so take a personal approach to insurance of all kinds and to prove it, we will give you a free analysis. Just call one of our experts today to find out more.

Group health insurance is among our most popular benefit plans in the Sunnyvale area. Under it, your employees “insure” deductibles, meaning there is higher quality coverage for a better price. Some of the companies we have helped have saved hundreds of dollars every month with their group health insurance plan. And some of those have provided us with testimonials to that fact that we can share with you.

Group Health Insurance Plans in Sunnyvale

Among the various group health insurance plans available are:

    • HMO – The Health Maintenance Organization plans typically have higher monthly costs, but also feature co-pays that are usually lower.
    • PPO – The Preferred Provider Organization is best for those employees who want the freedom to select their own doctor.
    • HRA – The Health Reimbursement Arrangement plans allow employers to reimburse medical expenses.
    • HSA – Health Savings Accounts are PPO-type instruments that have a tax free savings account that is to be used for covering medical expenses.

Group Insurance Plans in Growing Demand

These include group dental and vision insurance. They are growing in popularity for employees with families as well as for singles, so they fit with most company needs.

Personalized Group Health Insurance Service with Brauer Insurance

You are guaranteed to get personalize service every time when you connect with Brauer Insurance Services, a family owned operation that cares about each individual client. We hope to get to know you and your needs through the complimentary health insurance quote we offer. This also will ensure that the plan we devise for you will be the best fit and provide the coverage your company needs. We can also provide solutions for the dental Insurance and other forms of employee benefits