Employee Benefits

Employee Health Insurance Plans

In today’s world, with rising medical bills and medicines, it is extremely important to have health insurance. Even if you only have limited employee health insurance through your work, you are doing better than someone with no health insurance at all. If health insurance is not part of your employee benefits package, it’s worth looking into other options. If it is part of your employee benefits, it’s still worth reviewing.

Review Your Employee Benefits

Do you know your employee health insurance, and how it affects you? Your employer could be costing you money, or worse, not providing decent health coverage for you and your family.

It is important that you sit down with your employer, or your human resources professional, to review your employee benefits. This way you know exactly what your health insurance covers, and how much you should be paying out of pocket. Hopefully, this will prompt you and your employer to call an insurance agency to evaluate your current insurance plan. Read more about Employee Benefits.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

More individual health insurance plans are now available to you and your family. Employee Health Insurance are not the only option, and you can now have some control in your own personal insurance policy.  This is great news if you need California disability insurance, or are ineligible for employee health insurance.  Read more about the Individual and Family Health Insurance plans we offer.

Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance provides coverage from 30 to up to 180 days. It’s usually less expensive than traditional medical plans and is designed to protect you and your family in the event of illness or injury. Consider short term medical insurance if you’re between jobs, waiting for employer group coverage or other permanent coverage to begin. Or, if you need immediate coverage to keep your credible coverage status. Learn more about Short Term Health Insurance.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans fill the “gaps” in original Medicare coverage and help pay some of the health care costs Medicare does not cover. You are able to choose up to 12 different plans, mixing and matching to suite your needs. Read more about standardized Medicare Supplement Plans.

Travel Insurance

For comprehensive, cost-effective travel insurance we partner with Seven Corners International, an industry leader in helping travelers in the USA and around the world. Read more about our Travel Insurance options.

Commercial Insurance

We can often find a commercial insurance plan for you, even when others have said “No.” We provide General Liability, Workers Compensation, Errors & Omissions, Commercial Auto, Buildings and Property, Tools and Equipment as well as Bonds as part of our business insurance offerings. Read more about the Commercial Insurance plans we offer.

Get a Free Insurance Quote Today

We offer free quotes and analysis of your health insurance needs. If you have questions about insurance options, and would like to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about, then please call Brauer Insurance today. Brauer Insurance is a leading independent insurance provider located in San Jose. We offer a free analysis of your insurance needs, for both businesses and individuals and families.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Local agents are standing by to assist you.