Individual Health Insurance & Family Health Insurance

Individual health insurance and family health insurance is designed to pay for a major part of your medical expenses and limit your liability for large claims. Reach out to Brauer insurance for your individual and family health insurance needs in San Jose, and California as a whole.

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Comprehensive Health Insurance

Brauer Insurance, located in San Jose, offers comprehensive health insurance services for families and individuals. We provide in-depth information and guidance on a full spectrum of health insurance coverage and rates.  Choose from our large selection of affordable health plans from leading health insurance companies.  We’ll find the health insurance that suits your personal health profile and your individual needs.

Health Insurance Rates and Benefits

When comparing rates and benefits, consider the following major points:

  • Office Visit Co-Pays
  • Deductibles
  • Percent co-pay for other medical expenses
  • Maximum out of pocket
  • Prescription drug co-pay
  • Rates

Types of Health Insurance

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
HMOs offer pre-paid health plans with the highest benefits and lowest out of pocket costs.  Generally, the choice of doctors and hospitals is limited to that particular “network”.  The only exception is for emergency services.  Benefits are usually very good, but the choice of doctors is limited.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
PPOs are well suited for individuals who want the freedom of choosing their doctors and hospitals.  As a PPO subscriber, you have the choice of using either the PPO Providers or a non-provider (at a higher price).  By using the PPO providers you receive higher benefits, lower co-pays and less out of pocket.  PPO is usually less expensive than an HMO.

HSA (Health Savings Account)
HSAs are called “Medical IRAs”.  They are a relatively simple and a great way to save money “tax free”.  Money can be deposited each year to pay for qualified medical expenses on a tax-free basis.  Any money that is not used “rolls over” year to year.  HSA plans are typically less expensive, provide flexibility, and a nice tax-free savings account.