Obamacare Health Insurance Mountain View

How does Obamacare affect your search for affordable health insurance for you and your family  in Mountain View?  It can be hard to determine what level of coverage is best for your needs, let alone which health insurance provider makes the most sense for you. Even with the new web portal up at covered California, which enables you can compare different health insurance plans of different coverage levels, a bit like the websites that allow you to compare airlines prices, it’s time consuming at best, and very confusing at worst.

Obamacare Health Insurance Mountain View – Premium Reductions

With Obamacare, it’s possible to receive premium reductions, depending on your income level, so don’t just think because you haven’t had health insurance in the past, it’s still out of reach. Talk to us, and we’ll see if you qualify for income based premium reductions.

Obamacare Health Insurance Mountain View – Navigating the system

You have three alternatives when choosing Obamacare health insurance for you and your family.

    1. You could look through the portal by yourself and do your own research
    2. You could work with an assister, who is not a licensed insurance broker
    3. Or, you could work with an independent licensed broker who specializes in health insurance

The cost to you is the same. So why not reach out to Brauer Insurance today and take advantage of our deep knowledge of health insurance? We’ll get you the coverage you need at the lowest possible price.

Choosing Obamacare Health Insurance in Mountain View

Rather than grouping the insurance based on price, the covered California site groups insurance plans based on coverage level and designates each by a different “metal name”: Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. All four plan levels have certain coverage levels that they must meet to receive a different metal name, so that you know that plans with a “bronze” designation are roughly comparable to each other, and so on throughout each of the four plan levels.

Why Mountain View Families Choose Brauer

We don’t just know insurance, we specialize in health insurance, and we know the changes that Obamacare brings to Health Insurance very well. We are here to help you and your family get the health insurance you need in Mountain View.