Reviews and Testimonials

Being the HR Director for an international company is not an easy job. Because of our unusual employer status, it was not easy to obtain Health Insurance. When I called Brauer Insurance, Steve and Bonnie were very professional and calm throughout the whole process. It took several months to iron things out but they made it work. Steve is an excellent broker and if he had given up, I would have been stuck with the old broker who collected money and we never met in person. Steve and Bonnie took the time to come to our office multiple times and always willing to help.
B. Poon, HR Director
Redwood City

For 20 years prior to meeting Steve Brauer, I don’t recall being contacted by our Health Insurance broker, nor receiving any helpful guidance from them. I was impressed by Steve’s knowledge of the products, his business philosophy, and his background. I decided to hire him as my firm’s Health Insurance broker. We serve mostly small businesses and I prefer to use small business vendors whenever possible. Steve offered us many good ideas for improving coverage and containing costs. He and his team are very responsive, capable and helpful whenever any of my employees need assistance with insurance related matters. I have referred Steve to many clients and the ones that have switched to his firm have been as pleased as I have with his service.
Gary Strutz, Managing Partner-Storek, Carlson & Strutz LLP
Certified Public Accountants and Trusted Business Advisors – Campbell

“Steve is a hands-on broker who works hard in finding the best benefit plan that will fit your company or individual needs.  He is an honest and dependable individual and is always available to answer any questions or will find out the answer with a quick reply.   I would highly recommend Steve and his staff for your benefits needs.”
Pam Sedgwick – HR Director
Solaicx, Santa Clara

“I was paying a ridiculous amount of money for my health insurance through  my work.  I called Brauer Insurance and was lucky enough to speak to Steve.  He immediately found a plan that saved me hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year for the SAME health insurance company!  I can’t believe how much money I saved by switching.  I tell everybody I know to call this guy.  He provides great personal service and gets you a very discounted rate.  I am very happy with this company!”
Dan W. 
Santa Clara

“Our company utilizes Steve and Bonnie from Brauer Insurance Services regarding our health care needs here at LeGrande Affaire.  Steve is truly exceptionally sharp in this field and has provided sound advice and guidance to our organization.  Steve and his associates are very informative in the world of insurance and regulations.  Steve helped guide us in the right direction in order to get what we wanted at a reasonable cost.  He demonstrated both flexibility and expertise and is a pleasure to work with!”
Phil Restivo – President
LeGrande Affaire Limousine, Santa Clara

“Steve Brauer has worked on insurance strategies with me in several start-ups.  He offers comprehensive yet affordable benefit packages.  His customer service has always exceeded our expectation with his trusted expertise and personalized advice.  I would definitely recommend him.” 
Donna Antosiak
H.R. Up and Running, Palo Alto

In my 10+ years experience as a financial advisor I have never met a more competent, kind, generous and service-oriented insurance company. Steve Brauer and his team are phenomenal people who know more than anyone I’ve ever met about health insurance. After years of overpaying Steve helped us find a perfect and affordable policy for our team. Additionally, this year he volunteered to educate a group of financial advisors on all things Obamacare and did a wonderful job. I cannot emphasize the value of working with a team that knows their way around the current insurance environment.
Angela M. – Controller
San Francisco

I was looking for some expert help to answer a technical question about ACA (Obamacare). I checked with a big law firm that specializes in employment law and no one could answer my question until I called Steve. He was the only with the expertise I needed. He was very helpful and he explained the intricacies of the law in a very simple to understand manner.
Judy P. – Attorney